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Special Effects Hair Dye
Crazy Color Hair Dye
Stargazer Hair Dye
Atomic Pink
Apricot (Discontinued) African Green
BAF Yellow
Aubergine Azure Blue (0) NEW
Blue Haired Freak
Black Blue Black
Blue Mayhem
Bordeaux Baby Pink
Blood Red
Blue Jade NEW Coral Blue
Blue Velvet Bubblegum Blue NEW Dawn
Burgundy Wine Burgundy Eggplant
Candy Apple Red Canary Yellow Foxy Red
Cherry Bomb Candy Floss NEW Golden Flame
Cupcake Pink Capri Blue Hot Red
Deep Purple Coral Red Magenta
Devilish Cyclamen Pitch Black
Electric Blue Emerald Green Plume
Fish Bowl Crazy Color Hair Dye Graphite Graphite (0) NEW Purple
Hi-Octane Orange Fire Rouge
Hot Lava Hot Purple Royal Blue
Iguana Green Lavender Silverlook (0)
Joyride Lime Green (Discontinued) Shocking Pink
Limelight Lime Twist NEW Soft Blue NEW
Napalm Orange Lilac Soft Cerise (0) NEW
Nuclear Red Marshmallow NEW Soft Violet (0) NEW
Pimpin Purple Neutral/Mixer (0) Tropical Green
Purple Smoke Orange Ultra Blue
Sonic Green Crazy Color Peachy Coral Hair Dye Peachy Coral (0) NEW Violet
Toner Peacock Blue White
Virgin Rose Crazy Color Hair Dye Peppermint Peppermint (0) NEW Yellow
Wild Flower Pine Green
    Ruby Rouge NEW
    Sunshine Gold (Discontinued) All Stargazer Photos
    Sky Blue    
    Vermillion Red
Manic Panic Hair Dye
Directions Hair Dye
Adore Hair Dye
After Midnight Blue
Alpine Green African Violet
Atomic Turquoise
Apple Green Aquamarine
Bad Boy Blue
Apricot Baby Blue (0) NEW
Black & Blue (Discontinued) Atlantic Blue Black Velvet (0)
Manic Panic Creamtone Blue Angel Blue Angel (0) Bright Daffodil Blue Black (0)
Blue Moon (0) NEW Carnation Pink Bordeaux (0)
Manic Panic Blue Steel Hair Dye Blue Steel (0) NEW Cerise Cajun Spice
Cleo Rose NEW Coral Red Cinnamon
Cobra Dark Tulip Adore Clover Hair Dye Clover (0) NEW
Cotton Candy Pink Ebony Copper Brown (0)
Deadly Nightshade(Disc.) Fire Adore Cotton Candy Hair Dye Cotton Candy (0) NEW
Deep Purple Dream (0) NEW Flame Crimson
Divine Wine (Discontinued) Flamingo Pink Crystal Clear (0)
Manic Panic Creamtone Dreamsicle Dreamsicle (0) NEW Flourescent Glow Dark Chocolate (0)
Electric Amethyst NEW Lagoon Blue Darkest Brown (0)
Electric Banana
Lavender Electric Lime NEW
Electric Lava Lilac Emerald NEW
Electric Lizard Mandarin Fiesta Fuchsia (0) NEW
Electric Tiger Lily NEW Midnight Blue French Cognac (0)
Enchanted Forest Neon Blue Adore Fruit Punch Hair Dye Fruit Punch (0) NEW
Flaming (Discontinued) Pastel Pink Ginger
Manic Panic Creamtone Fleurs Du Mal Fleurs Du Mal (0) NEW Pillarbox Red Honey Brown
Fuschia Shock Plum Hot Pink (0)
Green Envy Poppy Red Indigo Blue
Hellfire (0) NEW
Rose Red Intense Red
Hot Hot Pink Rubine Adore Jade Hair Dye Jade (0) NEW
Manic Panic Hair Dye Inferno Red Inferno Red (0) NEW Silver Jet Black
Infra Red Spring Green Lavender (0) NEW
Lie Locks Tangerine Magenta
Manic Panic Mermaid Mermaid (0) NEW Toner Mahogany (0)
Mixer/Pastil-izer (0) NEW Tulip

Medium Brown (0)

Mystic Heather Turquoise Mocha
Nefertiti (0) (Discontinued) Vermillion Red Neon Pink (0) NEW
New Rose Violet Off Black (0)
Pillarbox Red All Directions Photos Orange Blaze
Plum Passion Paprika
Pretty Flamingo Adore Periwinkle Hair Dye Periwinkle (0) NEW
Purple Haze     Pink Blush (0) NEW
Psychedelic Sunset (0) NEW     Pink Fire (0)
Raven     Adore Pink Petal Hair Dye Pink Petal (0) NEW
Red Passion   Pink Rose
Rock N Roll Red Manic Panic JEM Hair Dyes Platinum NEW
Rockabilly Blue NEW Manic Panic JEM Pink JEM Pink (0) NEW Purple Rage
Manic Panic Creamtone Sea Nymph Sea Nymph (0) NEW Manic Panic JEM Orange JEM Orange (0) NEW Raging Red
Shocking Blue Manic Panic JEM Turquoise JEM Turquoise (0) NEW Raspberry Twist
Siren's Song NEW Manic Panic JEM Violet JEM Violet (0) NEW Rich Amber (0)
Sunshine (0) NEW     Rich Eggplant (0) NEW
Tiger Lily (Discontinued)   Rich Fuchsia
Ultra Violet     Royal Navy (0) NEW
Vampire Kiss (0) NEW     Ruby Red
Vampire Red   Sienna Brown
Manic Panic Creamtone Velvet Violet Velvet Violet (0) NEW   Adore Sky Blue Hair Dye Sky Blue (0) NEW
Venus Envy (0) NEW     Adore Soft Lavender Hair Dye Soft Lavender (0) NEW
Violet Night (0) NEW     Spiced Amber
Virgin Snow (Toner)     Sunrise Orange
Voodoo Blue NEW     Adore Sweet Mint Hair Dye Sweet Mint (0) NEW
Voodoo Forest (0) NEW     Adore Titanium Hair Dye Titanium (0) NEW
Wildfire     Truly Red
        Violet Gem
        Wild Cherry
        All Adore Photos
Pravana Vivids Hair Dye Pravana Neons Hair Dye Herman's Hair Dye
Pravana Amethyst Hair Dye Amethyst (0) NEW Pravana Neon Blue Neon Blue (0) Hermans Hair Dye Bella Blue Bella Blue (0)
Pravana Vivids Black Black (0) NEW Pravana Neon Green Neon Green Hermans Hair Dye Black Dahlia Black Dahlia (0)
Blue Pravana Neon Orange Neon Orange (0) Hermans Hair Dye Blanche Toner Blanche Toner (0)
Pravana Blue Topaz Hair Dye Blue Topaz (0) NEW Pravana Neon Pink Neon Pink (0) Hermans Hair Dye Bloody Mary Bloody Mary (0)
  Clear (0) Pravana Neon Yellow Neon Yellow (0) Hermans Hair Dye Cynthia Cyclamen Cynthia Cyclamen (0)
Pravana Emerald Hair Dye Emerald (0) NEW     Hermans Hair Dye Felicia Fire Felicia Fire (0)
Green (0) Pravana LOCKED IN Hair Dye Hermans Hair Dye Fiona Fire Fiona Fire (0)
Magenta Pravana Locked In Blue Locked In Blue (0) NEW Hermans Hair Dye Gilda Granny Grey Gilda Granny Grey (0)
Orange Pravana Locked In Pink Locked In Pink (0) NEW Hermans Hair Dye Lemon Daisy Lemon Daisy (0)
Pink Pravana Locked In Purple Locked In Purple (0) NEW Hermans Hair Dye Marge Blue Marge Blue (0)
Red (0) Pravana Locked In Red Locked In Red (0) NEW Hermans Hair Dye Mathilda Granny Grey Mathilda Granny Grey (0)
Silver Pravana Locked In Teal Locked In Teal (0) NEW Hermans Hair Dye Olivia Green Olivia Green (0)
Violet Pravana Locked In Yellow Locked In Yellow (0) NEW Hermans Hair Dye Patsy Purple Patsy Purple (0)
Wild Orchid     Hermans Hair Dye Peggy Pink Peggy Pink (0)
Pravana Vivids Yellow Yellow Pravana Pastels Hair Dye Hermans Hair Dye Polly Pink Polly Pink (0)
    Pravana Blissful Blue Blissful Blue (0) Hermans Hair Dye Rosie Gold Rosie Gold (0)
    Pravana Luscious Lavender Luscious Lavender Hermans Hair Dye Ruby Red Ruby Red (0)
    Pravana Mystical Mint Mystical Mint Hermans Hair Dye Sylvia Silver Sylvia Silver (0)
    Pravana Pretty In Pink Pretty In Pink (0) Hermans Hair Dye Tammy Turquoise Tammy Turquoise (0)
    Pravana Too Cute Coral Too Cute Coral (0) Hermans Hair Dye Thelma Turquoise Thelma Turquoise (0)
        Hermans Hair Dye Veronica White Veronica White (0)
        Hermans Hair Dye Vicky Violet Vicky Violet (0)

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