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Manic Panic - Lie Locks
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Results depend on base colour, hair type and porosity
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Manic Panic Hair Dye
Lie Locks
-Marlou La Lou-
Manic Panic Hair Dye
Lie Locks
-Raye Raye Rainbow-
Manic Panic Hair Dye
Lie Locks / Special Effects
Cupcake Pink
Over White Hair
Manic Panic Hair Dye
Raven & Lie Locks
-Blurry Angel-
Manic Panic Hair Dye
Lie Locks &
SFX Nuclear Red
-Angel of Dor'e-
Manic Panic Hair Dye
Mystic Heather
manic panic lie locks & stargazer turquoise
Manic Panic Hair Dye
Mystic Heather
Manic Panic Hair Dye
Lie Locks &
Stargazer Turquoise

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